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        Into Yifan

        It is a first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce
        Yantai Yifan International Logistics CO., LTD is a first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce, located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai. The main business of our company is to provide door-to-door transportation and a full range of freight forwarding services for domestic and foreign enterprises engaged in international trade. Single services such as bill making, insurance and domestic trade transportation; and undertake shipping, air transportation, land transportation, SOC freezer, bulk cargo services and bulky cargo transportation, agency international trade and other businesses...
        • Yantai contact information:

          • Yantai Company Tel:0535-2119858/59/67/68/69
          • Mail:oversea1@yifanlogistics.com
          • Yantai Address: Room 2015, Yitong International, No. 11, South Street,
          • Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province
        • Qingdao contact information:

          • Qingdao Company Tel:0532-85653975/3885
          • Qingdao Address: Room 3204, Building 1, 7080 Central
          • Plaza, No. 20, Lianyungang Road,
          • Shibei District, Qingdao

        Yifan Service

        Provide customers with individual services such as customs clearance, inspection declaration, port handover, warehousing, transshipment, chartering and booking, document making, insurance and domestic trade transportation.
        • Storage

        • 24/7 Monitoring

        • Pallet in & out

        • Loading and unloading

        • Change boxes

        • Palletize

        • Seal tie

        • Labeling

        • Forklift

        Main business

        To undertake air cargo, agency international trade and other business

        ocean shipping

        Service provider for global logistics, e-commerce transportation, reverse logistics, warehousing and customs declaration
        • Our ocean freight services are designed to meet your needs and ensure flexible shipping and reliable delivery...
        • Combining our experience with a global network, fast air freight enhances your supply chain, creates your international...
        • Connected with agents around the world, the courier company provides home delivery and expands services to destinations...

        Quick entrance

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